First, let’s take a look back at last week when The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura posted this video of Bread & Barley owner Carlos Roman showing off the “Notice of Closure” order he received along with the accompanying fines for interfering with the duties of health officers. This is California, by the way.

Now go back a couple of days farther and take a look at Roman interfering with the duties of a health officer by using his truck to block in the health officer’s car. Our favorite part is where he asks the health officer if he got a paycheck that Friday.

The Washington Examiner reports: “A local Los Angeles outlet reported that a citation from the health department found two people eating outside, which is against coronavirus restrictions. Roman fired back at the claim that the two people were on a public bench, and his staff did not go out to serve them.”

A bunch of restaurants in New York have already put Gov. Andrew Cuomo on a do-not-serve list.