We’ve done quite a few posts dunking on people who thought they’d dunk on President Trump for suggesting that a COVID-19 vaccine could be ready by the end of 2020. Well, it’s December 2020 and the first doses of the vaccine are being doled out. This is one of those instances where you’d think Trump would be owed a lot of apologies, but no one will ever apologize to Trump for anything, ever.

We were counting on Drew Holden to come through with a thread compiling some of the best “fact-checks” of Trump’s vaccine prediction, and he came through, as always.

Yamiche Alcindor always adds “context” to her tweets.

“FACT: Trump lying about a COVID-19 vaccine ensures … more people will die than had to die. We *must* attach body-counts to the lies of this evil man.” We didn’t vote for Joe Biden, but we’ll be happy to see less TDS in our Twitter feeds.

That’s one thing the media and Democrats just could not abide about Trump; not only was he a Washington outsider, but he was also an optimist.

Obama: We’ll close GITMO by the end of the year. Eight years later …

Well said.