We don’t know who Dan O’Sullivan is other than he has a newsletter you can subscribe to if you like, but he was set off by a story in the Baltimore Sun and a tweet that he thought was “beyond cruel” for “castigating teachers *for not wanting to die of Covid*”.

This is a good example of needing to read the story before posting. He was a former Baltimore City Schools teacher who died of “complications of diabetes and COVID-19.”

No, in fact, he’s not owned and he’s quadrupling down against the racist “fash” who have found his misleading tweet.

That’s Bethany “Grandma Killer” Mandel herself you’re addressing there. O’Sullivan sure leaped on the obituary of a stranger to own the cons for wanting to send teachers back to school, though. And what does the teacher’s being black have to do with anything?


So even teachers working virtually have to interact with the outside world … to get school supplies and groceries from workers who’ve been going to work this whole time because they can’t work virtually.