Joe Biden’s social media team is really cranking out some deep thoughts, like “America is back.” That’s the tweet.

A lot of the tweets from Biden’s Twitter account are calling for an end to division and a new era of unity. For example, in this tweet, Biden’s social media team tells us that it’s time to put partisanship aside and come together.

Good question.

Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway (from the Democratic Party) campaign, has a list of things Biden could do if he really wants to put aside the rhetoric designed to demonize one another and come together as one America.

And we know he will do exactly zero of those things.


Does anyone on Biden’s staff ever show him his followers’ responses to these “unity” tweets? They’re not going to unify with fascists. And Antifa is still going to need to pretend there are fascists everywhere as an excuse to keep playing dress-up.