The only reason you haven’t heard CNN and the rest reporting on what a super-spreader event Saturday’s Million MAGA March was is that they’d have to cover it and give an honest assessment of the size.

Sadly, America is not united, and those who will never be happy with anything were out in force harassing and assaulting Trump supporters as they made their way back from the march to their hotels — where they were harassed some more.

It’s not that there was no coverage of the event; The Hill, for example, posted a story on how far-right groups were planning pro-Trump rallies “as tensions grow.” As tensions grow? Leftists have been rioting in Portland since late May.

Here’s a taste of The Hill’s coverage leading up to the event, though they tweeted a link to it after the fact:

A wide array of far-right groups and Trump supporters are planning to descend on the nation’s capital Saturday amid heightened tensions over the results of the presidential election.

The mix of demonstrators gathering in downtown Washington, D.C., where they’ll be met with counterprotesters, is sparking fears that the events could turn violent.

Organizers and right-wing media figures, along with the White House officials, have predicted a massive turnout, though similar events during Trump’s presidency have fizzled out.

Supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory — who believe in the baseless claim that Trump is working to expose a child-eating cabal of elites in the media and Democratic politics — have also said they will be joining the main rally.

QAnon is real, but as Joe Biden said at the debates, Antifa is “just an idea.”