As noted earlier, super-reporter Julio Rosas of Twitchy sister-site Townhall is on the ground in Washington, D.C. Saturday night following the massive pro-Trump march earlier in the day. As we posted earlier, Rosas caught what looked like Antifa hassling diners and chucking a firework into the patio of a restaurant where people they assumed came from the march were having dinner.

We’d read that the Proud Boys — the fascists that the alleged anti-fascists exist to fight — were marching in D.C. earlier in the day, but now that it’s getting late, Rosas is reporting that the Proud Boys and other Trump supporters are getting into street fights with Antifa members … which we feel compelled to say is a bad thing, but after watching Antifa and Black Lives Matter harass and assault Trump supporters all day, it’s kind of cathartic.

Anyway, enjoy the chaos and thanks again to Rosas for being there:

Here’s another angle:

And yet another angle:

And another: