This tweet has been getting a lot of attention and generating a lot of allegations of voter fraud. There’s an online event tonight to help Georgians “cure” their ballots.

The event page reads:

Attention everyone in or near Georgia: We need YOUR help today! This race is not over and we need every single vote to be counted.

It is all hands on deck and all eyes on Georgia!

Join us today for a virtual training to learn how to knock doors to help voters cure their ballots. We need you in this fight with us today and tomorrow and Friday. We’ve come so far, this is how we bring it home. See you in the virtual training room and out knocking doors soon!

According to WYFF in Georgia, “curing” mail-in ballots is legitimate:

Ballot curing is a two-part process that involves notification and correction, according to

The State of Georgia website says:

“If your ballot was rejected, your county elections office will contact you with a document to “cure” or correct your ballot envelope. Contact your county registrar to get more information and find out what your options are. One of the most common reasons an absentee ballot is rejected is because it has not been properly signed. Be sure to carefully read and follow all instructions included in your absentee ballot.”

So we get that the county elections office might contact you to correct your ballot envelope, but volunteers going door-to-door? What’s that for?

For what it’s worth, Twitter has taken notice and is hiding certain tweets, like these:

Apparently it just really, really looks like fraud.