As Twitchy reported earlier, there was video going around of a GOP poll watcher being turned away from a polling place in Philadelphia. You’d think that PolitiFact would simply rate that as true, because it happened. But it’s PolitiFact, so they have a more nuanced view: Yes, the poll watcher was turned away, but only because an official in charge didn’t know the rules — so it’s “half-true.”

PolitiFact reports:

Kevin Feeley, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia City Commissioners, which is in charge of elections in the city, told PolitiFact that what happened in the video was “a mistake” on behalf of the people running the polling site.

“It was a misunderstanding of the law,” Feeley said. However, the man eventually went to another polling site, where staff who better understood the law let him inside, Feeley said.

A shot of the poll watcher’s certificate said on it that it applied to any ward or district in the city; that should have settled it, right?

So a GOP poll watcher was turned away from a polling site, but it’s only half-true because another location let him in.