We’d been assured that vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ interjections of “I’m talking” were a fierce display of feminism during her debate with Vice President Mike Pence, but it looks like those will be a thing of the past for the second and final debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. As Twitchy reported, the Trump campaign sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates demanding that the final debate focus on foreign policy as decided, but moderator Kristen Welker has selected the following topics instead — ugh, climate change, again.

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien also voiced concerns about changing the rules to allow the moderator to mute either candidate’s microphone, but it looks like that’s how it’s going to go Thursday night:

But it might be the only way to get the rest of the media talking about Hunter Biden’s emails.

He will, guaranteed.

He does seem to enjoy a debate, even though he knows they’re stacked against him.