CORRECTION: The photo linked to in this post is from 2018. We apologize for the error.


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We’re old enough to remember when Kamala Harris and others said the Senate Judiciary Committee couldn’t possibly hold a virtual confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett, even though James Comey had testified via Zoom just a few days earlier. COVID-19 was one of the excuses Democrats tried to use to delay Barrett’s confirmation hearing, but it didn’t fly, even though every conspiracy theorist on Twitter insists Chairman Lindsey Graham is infected with the coronavirus.

Thanks to Brazzers, then, for this photo of the three stooges — Sheldon Whitehouse, Dick Blumenthal, and Corey Booker — huddling for a strategy meeting on how to tackle Barrett.

It’s a shame Whitehouse doesn’t have Barrett’s high school yearbook to pore over, although we wouldn’t be surprised if he took out his magnifying glass to study the blank notebook Barrett had on the table in front of her.

And not only where are the masks if COVID-19 was enough of a reason to delay the hearings — where’s the media outrage?

Barrett wears a mask, though, and they compare her (again) to a character from “The Handmaid’s Tale.”