Ideally, the Senate Judiciary Committee would hold Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing this week and all the Democrats would boycott, although some think it would be in the best interest of the Trump campaign if vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris were given the opportunity to showboat like she did during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and browbeat a Catholic mother of seven.

Both Joe Biden and Harris made it pretty clear in statements issued right after Barrett’s formal nomination that they’re going to do their best to keep their questions focused on two things: the Affordable Care Act and Roe v. Wade.

The Hill reports that some Senate Democrats saw what the Kavanaugh hearings did to the re-election prospects of “centrists” like Claire McCaskill, and they’re not going down that road again.

Alexander Bolton writes:

Suburban college-educated women are a key demographic in the battle for the Senate, and Democratic senators acknowledge they need to be careful of getting too aggressive with Barrett, a mother of seven.

“I’m sick and tired of losing,” said one Democratic senator. “We had a Kavanaugh 1.0, which has informed people’s approach this time.”

“We’re not going to go down that road again.”

Narrator: They will go down that road again.

Certainly not all of them admit that, and never will.

As usual, the media’s there with the assist, featuring critics of Barrett’s religious affiliations so that Democrats don’t have to.