Following the big bombshell story from the New York Times and its leak of President Trump’s taxes, we have some goalpost-moving by Colorado Rep. Brianna Titone:

“I don’t think anyone was expecting to find massive fraud or ties to Russia.” Oh, really? Because here’s Drew Holden with another one of his fantastic threads rounding up the usual suspects and their belief that Trump was hiding his taxes because of illicit connections with Russia.

“What are you hiding in your taxes, Donald Trump? Russia ties?”

That’s the way to do it, journalists … put your accusation into the form of a question and then do a piece about the hypothetical wrongdoing.

We sure are seeing the word “could” a lot here.

Yet another allegation framed as a question that the American public was supposedly asking.

There’s that word “could” again and a headline in the form of a question — stellar reporting. How about this: As journalists, you find out first, and then tell the rest of us the facts?

And now everyone’s pretending that Trump’s supposed financial ties to Russia weren’t the point of contention.