As Twitchy reported earlier, Joe Biden once again called a lid Saturday morning at 9:32 a.m., while President Trump was busy introducing his nominee for the Supreme Court. At some point, someone got the idea to say that the reason Biden was spending so much time in his basement is that he was doing debate prep, and now we have to check someone’s timeline to see if they’re being serious or sarcastic when they say it. “Where’s Joe?” “Oh, he’s doing debate prep.”

On Friday, the New York Post did a riff on “Where’s Waldo?” with “Where’s Joe?” It’s a great cover, and CNN media guy Brian Stelter retweeted it with the words, “Preparing for a debate, obv.”

We’re not accustomed to Stelter being sarcastic, so is he really buying the line that Biden is spending 11 days this month so far doing debate prep?

Our apologies to Stelter if he was being sarcastic. Maybe he has a dry sense of humor after all.

As we pointed out earlier, Stelter was the one who went Melania-truther and kept a calendar of days the first lady was out of the public eye after minor surgery:

We going to conclude that Stelter was being serious because we know how much he despises right-leaning media outlets like Fox News and the New York Post.