We’d like to see the Senate seat President Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as quickly as possible — it could have even longer-lasting implications than a Harris-Biden administration would, as there would be a check on their power in the Judicial branch.

We’re not sure who the nominee will be, but Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been on the short-list for a Supreme Court seat for a while, and Human Events editor-in-chief Will Chamberlin reminds us that Barrett already went through Senate confirmation hearings in 2017 when she was named to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The Senate confirmed her then, so why not let those be the hearings and just have a vote?

Actually, a lot of people think hearings would be a good idea. Wouldn’t it be great to watch vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris showboat against a Catholic woman as she did against Brett Kavanaugh?

Hearings might not sway any dedicated Biden supporters, but they could turn off undecides, especially suburban moms. Let’s see Harris beat up Barrett and see where it gets her.