As Twitchy has reported, even Fox News is chasing that story from The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg that purports to show that President Trump has, at best, a general disdain for the military, dating back to his scratching of a visit to an American veterans’ cemetery in France because it was “full of losers.”

For its part, Fox News put on former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who told Republicans that the choice was theirs: They could be a “John McCain Republican” or a “Donald Trump Republican,” but not both.

The peanut gallery weighs in:

Mayor Pete’s pretty young, so maybe he doesn’t remember as well as we do that McCain’s military service and history as a prisoner of war did absolutely nothing to shield him from attacks during his presidential run. His character was assassinated and he was smeared as a racist for calling Barack Obama “this one” (of the two major candidates) during a debate.

Fusilli Spock has some thoughts: