We knew that Reuters could report fake news just as well as CNN or MSNBC, just not quite as often. What we don’t expect from Reuters is opinion pieces, but somebody in management must have been getting nervous about Joe Biden’s presidential prospects and decided it was time for their video journalist to put together a BuzzFeed-type video pitting Biden against President Trump on issues around race in America.

Yahaira Jacquez reaches all the way back to Trump’s campaign speech in which progressives claimed he called all Mexicans rapists (while mistaking “their” for “they’re” in the subtitles), but somehow overlooked Biden’s claims that “poor kids can be just as smart as white kids” and that if you’re not voting for him, “you ain’t black.” If you watch closely, you’ll notice that a lot: Jacquez pulls a lot from Trump’s four years in office, but when it comes to Biden, it’s like he hasn’t been in Washington for nearly 50 years. Biden alleges, Biden proposes, Biden says … the campaign talking points are all accepted as a matter of fact.

Just watch:

With Biden finally acknowledging the rioting, vandalism, and arson in the nation’s Democrat-run cities, the media is doing its best to help his campaign walk back any suggestion of defunding the police.

If someone overdubbed Biden saying, “I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message” at the end of this video, you wouldn’t think twice about it.