The big news of the day was of course Joe Biden popping his head out of his basement to see if he’d won the election yet or not, but President Trump also had a few things to say to the press after being asked to comment on Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who’s been charged with first-degree murder for shooting and killing two people in Kenosha, Wisc., during protests there over the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Was it self defense or first-degree murder? There’s no shortage of video footage and stills out there of Rittenhouse being chased by a mob and beaten while on the ground, and we suspect we’ll get into the usual cycle; prosecutors will over-charge, the suspect will be cleared, and more rioting will take place.

Trump was asked about Rittenhouse Monday and sent shockwaves through journalist Twitter by suggesting Rittenhouse shot out of self-defense.

HuffPost’s Igor Bobic seemed to be in disbelief:

Maybe Bobic doesn’t follow any conservatives on Twitter and only other mainstream journalists, so it’s possible he never saw the footage.

The ratio on Bobic’s tweet is amazing and just keeps growing, but let’s let Dana Loesch have a word:

Podcaster Brian Tyler Cohen, formerly of Occupy Democrats, deleted his tweet, apparently having learned the lesson from Nicholas Sandmann that you can’t just defame people:

This “white supremacist” garbage sure is getting some traction.

Looks like someone realized he makes money off his YouTube videos and would like to have some left over after the libel lawsuits.

* * *


Never mind … it looks like Cohen wants to be sued after all: