As far as we know, the “neighbors who dare to be different” didn’t steal the Trump sign out of this family’s yard, they just left an anonymous letter shaming the family with a healthy dose of sarcasm and a little self-righteousness too. Funny that the “neighbors who dare to be different” have collectively decided to pick on the one house on the block with the Trump sign.

Guy Benson says someone texted the letter to him:

“Thank you for showing us the prejudice and hate that truly fills your heart,” it reads. We think they’re also assuming the family is Christian and is going to hell for supporting President Trump, hence the “We sure hope you enjoy the heat!” After all, the sign further proves they they “do not follow the teachings of Christ, who preached love and acceptance for all your neighbors.”

Once again, the neighbors who leave an anonymous note at the house because it has a Trump sign reference Christ’s preaching “love and acceptance for all your neighbors.”

Well, if she weren’t so hateful, maybe the neighbors wouldn’t gang up on her. She’s brought it on herself.

Here’s one from “Fellow Sherwood Citizens” triggered by a pro-police sign and telling the resident to educate himself.

The media managed to whip up hysteria over Mitt Romney, who used to give people cancer but is now their favorite Republican.

That what we got out of it.

Bullying is exactly the right word.


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