CNN and MSNBC might be faced with a tough choice: Do they stick with coverage of the Republican National Convention when President Trump delivers his big speech, or will they cut away to vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who The Hill reports is giving a counter-speech in Washington.

Tal Axelrod reports:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) will deliver a speech Thursday to counter President Trump’s remarks at the Republican National Convention formally accepting the GOP presidential nomination.

The Biden campaign is ramping up Harris’s activities following what was a largely well-received address last week, scheduling her for three virtual fundraisers, online discussions and publishing an op-ed discussing women’s right to vote.

Sounds like they’ve got Harris, who never even made it to Iowa in the primaries, doing a lot of the heavy lifting for the Biden campaign.

Good question — why not have Joe Biden give another speech? He is the headliner, after all.

“Hidin’ Biden” has been working pretty well.

Looks like the Democrats didn’t think their sad Zoom telethon wrapped things up very well.