We’d bet this goes on in just about every college and university in the United States; even if it’s not expressed in writing in the class syllabus, the students know what’s acceptable and what’s not as far as thought and free speech goes.

Young America’s Foundation got its hands on a syllabus from Iowa State University English professor Chloe Clark that includes a “GIANT WARNING” for her students.

We had to look up “sorophobia.” Apparently it comes from Helena Michie, who argues “feminism advocating ‘sisterhood’ risks negating undeniable cultural differences” that exist “along lines of race, class, and gender in seemingly homogenous sub-groups of feminist discourse.” So none of that.

It really does say “GIANT WARNING” in all caps on her syllabus. Kara Kupkus reports that Clark graduated in 2016, so she’s new at this (and likely not tenured).

As we were writing this post, Zupkus received a reply from the university, which is going to give Clark some lessons on the First Amendment.