While we’re on Twitter all day and really see nothing but hardliners, there is probably a great deal of Americans out there who don’t like either candidate for president and haven’t made up their minds which one they’re voting for if they’re voting at all. That’s why the Trump campaign asked the Commission on Presidential Debates to either add a fourth debate in early September or move up the final October debate — early voting is going on in a lot of states before the first scheduled debate on September 29. That request was rejected.

Obviously, early voters know who they’re voting for, but we’d still like to see Joe Biden debate President Trump earlier than later, and Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota offered her state for a fourth debate in early September. “Unfortunately, by the time the first presidential debate happens on September 29, 2020, voters in South Dakota will have already started voting 11 days prior,” she writes.

We’d like to think that if Biden, off-script, said something, you know, incredibly racist, he’d do it while people still had the opportunity to reconsider instinctively pulling the lever who whichever Democratic candidate happens to be running.

Plus, plenty of people would love to see a debate in front of Mount Rushmore.

No, there’s not going to be a fourth debate, but always remember it was Trump who wanted to debate before early voting started and was denied, no matter how anxious the Biden camp claims their candidate is to get on the debate stage.