The last we’d heard, America’s national parks were “stubbornly white” and facing an “existential crisis over race.” Now a new study finds that not only is the outdoors systematically racist, but it’s also distressing to some children who find themselves overwhelmed with despair over climate change.

University of Colombia researchers for the British Ecological Society studied these troubling emotions among children and teenagers and published their results in the journal People and Nature:

In the first of its kind study to focus on children and teenagers connecting with nature, the team conducted a full review of other studies, articles and books.

Children and teenagers were triggered by the natural world and their inability to control what was happening to the “unravelling biosphere,” the team said.

The authors found that measures currently used to connect children to the natural world can help others cope with feelings of fear linked to climate change.

Many children know they are inheriting a changing world that is likely to get worse and this leads them to feelings of anxiety and despair, said [study author Dr. Louise] Chawla.

Further proving that scientific journals these days will publish anything and call it a study.