Things certainly have changed from a few years back, when Colin Kaepernick was lucky to get a teammate or two to kneel with him during the national anthem. The killing of George Floyd and the resulting resurrection of the Black Lives Matter movement has traction now like never before, and both the Yankees and the Nationals took a knee before their game Thursday night.

But first, Dr. Anthony Fauci threw the ceremonial first pitch:

It’s probably best that there weren’t any fans in the stands.

Is that the compromise? Kneel before the anthem and then stand for the anthem? The good news is that everyone then reportedly stood.

Oh, did we mention that there’s a huge Black Lives Matter banner just outside Fenway Park too?

So, everybody kneels before the anthem, and everyone stands for the anthem. Someone must have thought that up in trying to be woke and not go broke. Probably the same guy who tweeted this about the anthem.