Yahoo Life had a piece this week by Matt Schneiderman not only telling you that it’s OK to yell at strangers who don’t wear masks; he also lists the “Five Stages of Mask-Wearing Grief” and, with the help of an assistant professor of psychology, gives appropriate things to yell for each stage and those times when you might be better off keeping your mouth shut.

We’ve heard this argument before and Schneiderman repeats it: Though a white man in front of you in line probably isn’t wearing a mask because he’s an anti-science right-winger, you might want to make an exception for yelling at minorities, because “covering their faces could be more dangerous than catching COVID-19.” That is, the police are more likely to mistake them for criminals and kill them, so its actually safer to take the chance with COVID-19.

We’ll skip right to Stage 5 of anger:

Here, the person seems to willfully be endangering those around them, your anger is appropriately ballistic. Just as you’d scream at a driver doing 100 MPH in a school zone, you’re going to scream at the person not wearing a face mask when you’re standing in line because you’re in line with your kids and elderly people.

If you’ve tried the softer approach and hit a wall of willful ignorance or downright anger, get help. If you’re in a store, inform customer service — the on-site manager or another employee should enforce the business’s rules a la “no shirt, no shoes, no service.” As much legal right as the person may have outside the store to flout mask-wearing, inside it’s the store’s right to refuse them.

If a person is blatantly putting others at risk, you’ve tried the above tactics, and you’re not in a business setting, and want to get a message across, go for it. Let loose a salvo of swear words. Sometimes, you just need to yell.

There’s a name for people who always want to speak to the manager, so loathed is such a person.

Not even with a mask on and social distancing.

Oh, and speaking of Yahoo Life, minorities, and the coronavirus:


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