As Twitchy reported earlier, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan had finally had enough of the fatal “summer of love” on Capitol Hill and at 5 a.m. ordered its removal, ASAP. It took her long enough, but she was smart enough to send in police officers with “additional protective gear,” considering how unhinged and/or armed some of the CHOP citizens were.

What didn’t take long was turning the CHOP “block party” into a pile of debris. City crews moved in quickly once police had cleared the way.

KING 5’s Joseph Suttner is a Capitol Hill resident and gave a bird’s eye view of cops moving in. A lot of cops.

You hate to see it.

See, that wasn’t so hard. As far as we know no one was shot and killed, unlike when CHOP was up and running.

So much beautiful artwork destroyed.

So he’s saying the East Precinct belongs to the Seattle Police Department again? That’s good news! Here are some other shots of the fall of CHOP:

Like most progressives, the citizens of CHOP understood the importance of securing their borders. The first thing they did was build a wall, after all.