As Twitchy reported earlier, Joe Biden poked his head out of his basement and hosted his first press conference in 89 days … a pretty impressive streak for the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. It might have been too soon for Biden; maybe he should have practiced more at home, even though he apparently was given a list of approved reporters he was instructed to call on for questions.

We haven’t had a good story on sign language interpreters since that guy at the Nelson Mandela memorial who was just flailing his arms around at random, but Caleb Hull wants us to lift up in prayer the sign language interpreter who was assigned to Biden’s press conference Tuesday.


It’s that childhood stutter that just happened to disappear completely for the nearly four decades years he was a senator and eight years as vice president.

One of the few things we learned from Biden’s press conference is that he can’t wait to debate President Trump. Should be compelling TV.

How many minutes until Twitter takes it down?