There’s really not much to say to preface this video except to say there’s a strong language warning, but you have to hear it so you can appreciate the threats coming out of what appears to be a ‘roided out (if he had muscles) white boy toward a man who was tearing down Black Lives Matter signs posted on a fence across from his house. Backward-cap dude-bro, though, declares that it’s his block and he’d better never see the man again or he’d snatch him out of his whip, yo.

2020 is amazing.

Apparently this went down in Visalia, Calif., and the fence was surrounding school property. KFSN reports:

Visalia resident Robert Ginsberg recorded a video on Sunday night as a man tried to take down the signs as his family watched, and his efforts led to an argument with others defending the signs.

“Basically, he’s teaching his kids his intolerance and I just don’t understand how, you know, if you disagree with a message, you know, this is the most peaceful way you can demonstrate,” says Ginsberg.

Since May 25, high school students within the Visalia Unified School District have turned their anger into activism through handwritten signs covering a city block stretch of chain-link fence along the perimeter of the El Diamante High School.

But increased tensions between the community and student demonstrations prompted the district to send a letter asking for the removal of all signs from the school’s fence by July 3, citing safety issues.


More from KFSN about the school’s response to taking down the signs:

The district sees the removal as an opportunity.

“…an opportunity to create spaces for our students to make their voices heard and do it in such a way that is not causing a disruption or conflict in our community,” says Visalia Unified School District administrator Brandon Gridiron.

Gridiron sounds like a moron.