By now you’ve already heard about the St. Louis couple who defended their home from “peaceful” protesters who broke through an iron gate to march up a private street so they could protest in front of the mayor’s house. As Twitchy just reported, police are looking at the incident as “fourth-degree assault by intimidation” by the protesters, not the couple. Of course, we knew there’d be resistance to that claim, and St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner released a brief statement Monday saying that the peaceful protesters were “met by guns and a violent assault” and her office would use the full power of Missouri law to protect the protesters’ First Amendment rights.

So it looks like we have yet another liberal who believes in the First Amendment but not the Second. And as far as Missouri law goes, the couple had a right to defend their property from trespassers — and since it was a private street, all of the protesters were trespassers.

It really does seem to border on libel to us. What “violent assault”?