Who knew? When people were literally rioting the day after the election results came in in 2016 and political pundits were on cable news tearing up, we’d have thought MSNBC’s Chris Hayes would have called for President Trump to resign at least once already, either over colluding with Russia or his quid pro quo deal with Ukraine’s president or threatening North Korea with fire and fury or any random tweet that caused liberals to clutch their pearls. We’ve literally lost track of how many times Rep. Al Green has introduced articles of impeachment.

But it appears Hayes has been a steady rudder throughout the Trump presidency. He didn’t have any special shows where he threatened to blow the lid off Trump’s tax returns like colleague Rachel Maddow, and we haven’t seen him have a self-righteous meltdown like CNN’s Don Lemon.

But if CNN’s Brian Stelter is to be believed, and we can’t be sure because we know he watches only Fox News, this is the first time Hayes has called for Trump to step down.

“Virus continues to rage amid Trump failure” … and now an interview with the Luv Guv, Andrew Cuomo! Ladies, he’s single!

Chris Hayes, enraged … now we’re sorry we missed it. Just check out that screen capture.

If Chris Hayes calls for Trump to resign while Tucker Carlson’s on over at Fox News, does Hayes make a sound?

We’re sure Trump will take it into consideration now that Hayes has come out and said it on MSNBC.