Nothing, really, could ever be funnier than the Krassenstein brothers’ children’s book about Robert Muller, aka Robert Moral, saving the day and standing like Superman on the last page dressed like a Chippendale’s dancer, shirtless but with a bow tie. Other things have come close, though, like those coloring pages of Bernie Sanders doing muscle poses in a Speedo that were placed by the Russians on Facebook.

Now there’s a coloring book of Joe Biden, entitled “Hot Cup of Joe,” and it can be had from for just 12 bucks. It promises to be a piping hot coloring book featuring America’s sexiest moderate, but Andrew Stiles of the Washington Free Beacon reviewed it and found it full of toxic masculinity and body shaming.

Stiles writes:

You’ve probably read a tweet or two agonizing about whether it’s possible to portray “sexiness” without reinforcing the problematic sexism that pervades our patriarchal culture. Even if the answer is yes, illustrator Jason Millet’s contribution to this important debate goes out of its way to legitimize toxic and outdated stereotypes of masculinity.

What is wrong with this picture? Several things.

For one, [Jason] Millet’s artwork envisions Biden, 77, taking part in activities that an individual of his advanced age and cognitive decline should never attempt—operating a boat, wearing a speedo, riding a horse, chopping wood, gambling, playing beach volleyball, and baking. In a very real sense, this coloring book endangers the lives of elderly and cognitively diverse Americans.

Hot Cup of Joe insists on depicting the former vice president in the context of a hyper-sexualized fantasy. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that it’s problematic and offensive—a glaring affront to the concept of body positivity. The Biden portrayed in this coloring book is a blatantly younger, more muscular, more athletic, more mentally dexterous version of the real thing.

Well, Biden has plenty of hair in this coloring book, so go at it. Funny how little hair Biden had in all of those old Senate videos now making the rounds.

Good one.

We’re disturbed by the fact that Biden isn’t wearing a mask in any of the illustrations. Like he told CNN’s Dana Bash, wearing a mask is a sign of leadership. In any case, read the whole review; it’s great.