Drew Holden is back with another must-read thread. Much as Mitt Romney or any other Republican who isn’t or doesn’t support President Trump has suddenly become an ally to Democrats and other leftists, John Bolton is now the toast of the mainstream media for his new exposé of the Trump White House.

Holden went back, though, and checked what these same people had to say when Trump was considering Bolton to be his National Security Adviser. Just a year ago he was a “psychopathic liar” who led us into the disastrous Iraq War, and now every word of his book is gospel, apparently.

Blumenthal called him “temperamentally unfit” and called out his conflicts of interest.

Russia Russia Russia!

“I am also deeply concerned about the dangerous impact John Bolton will have on our national security” — but I can’t wait to read his tell-all book.

“If you want to learn what a psychopathic liar John Bolton is …”

“… credibly accused of twisting intelligence in the past …”

“John Bolton is A DISCREDITED NEOCON” … and his book draft provides more evidence about the quid pro quo deal with Ukraine.

“Warmongering charlatan”:

Why would you buy a lying war criminal’s book? Or are journalists just passing around a promotional copy?


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