Well, we suppose if this man teaches social studies, he’d know better than anyone why a statue of Christopher Columbus deserves to be vandalized. We only wonder if his students feel the same way because of his teaching or if he keeps these sorts of feelings to himself and expresses them outside of school by throwing paint.

WPRI in Providence, Rhode Island reports:

Three people were arrested early Saturday morning for vandalizing the Christopher Columbus statue in Providence.

One of the suspects arrested, Derrick Garforth, is listed on the website for Jenks Middle School in Pawtucket as a social studies teacher. Pawtucket Superintendent Cheryl McWilliams told WPRI 12 on Saturday afternoon that Garforth is out on leave pending an investigation.

“I have just learned about this and the Pawtucket School Department is investigating it,” McWilliams said in an email.

All three suspects were charged with desecration of a grave or monument and conspiracy. They were arraigned at the Public Safety Complex and released.

We’re pretty sure he’ll be back in the classroom this fall or at least teaching virtual classes online.