We’ll be thrilled to see #ShutDownAcademia trend Wednesday if it does; If the Left can tweet #DefundThePolice without actually meaning defunding the police, those who’ve have enough of liberal indoctrination through the nation’s universities ought to have a similar rallying cry.

Apparently, though, academia needs to be shut down to eradicate anti-black racism among the liberal white professors whose schools won’t even establish black-only safe spaces across the campus or offer students a stipend for their time organizing Black Lives Matter protests.

The journal Nature, which has recently come up with such hot scientific takes as assigning gender by the genitals one is born with “has no foundation in science,”  will be showing once again how pseudoscience and wokeness go hand-in-hand by virtue-signaling its solidarity to reexamine anti-black racism in academia and STEM (the sciences).

They’re already long gone.

Hey, university professors and other white academics want in on the Black Lives Matter train too.

You can never be progressive enough.

We’d have thought STEM was the last “safe space” from political correctness.


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