Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who’s been lobbying to be Joe Biden’s VP pick and who had some of the most onerous lockdown restrictions in the nation, finally lifted the state’s stay-at-home order June 1. Restaurants can open next week, but gyms, hair salons, movie theaters, and casinos remain closed. Hair salons have been some of the first small businesses to reopen in other states.

Whitmer suggests citizens just stick it out, or if they can’t just put their hair in a ponytail, Google how to give a haircut.

Whitmer doesn’t seem concerned with the George Floyd riots going on in her state, probably because she’s already been confronted by those white domestic terrorists who stormed the capitol to protest the lockdown, so rioters are nothing to her.

Same, but with Hillary.

Seriously: As Twitchy just pointed out, social distancing is out. You don’t see any Karens rushing in to stop the protesters, although that would be a battle for the ages.

We haven’t heard that Biden is vetting her, so that’s one bullet dodged.


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