The last time this editor was at Whole Foods, the store had a table set up by the entrance stocked up with hand sanitizer and a couple of employees handing out disposable masks to shoppers who were thinking of entering the store without one. It’s a sensible way to treat customers if your policy is to have them wear masks; make them available.

Maybe the woman in this video thought she was Gov. Ralph Northam or something because she decided to do her grocery shopping without a mask, and the mask police promptly showed her the door.

We’re happy to wear a mask at the grocery store — the one-way aisles are kind of a pain, though — but we can’t say we’re triggered by someone daring to bare their face. It’s almost as if Americans had adopted the face mask as the new hijab for men and women.

How about the police departments that are asking people to stop calling 911 over social distancing violations they spot from their front windows?

Here’s Bill Kristol with the “no true Scotsman” fallacy:

And here’s someone who probably liked Kristol’s post:

Ah, a nation of cellar-dwelling liberals who live off stimulus checks and never leave their homes out of fear … sounds heavenly. How do we even know this heretic was a conservative?