Not surprisingly, those mainstream media outlets that did cover Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” “gaffe” (looking at you, CNN) have done what they can to circle the wagons, write off the comment as a joke that just didn’t land properly, and move on to the next Trump scandal; i.e., golfing without wearing a mask. Thanks to Twitter, though, journalists can defend Biden any way they see fit. CNN’s Daniel Dale, for example, took Biden’s racist comment and noted that President Trump has called three prominent black journalists dumb this month alone. What this has to do with telling African Americans they’re not black if they’re open to voting for Trump we don’t know.

It’s funny that in just the three tweets that Dale has chosen to highlight, Trump also calls Brian Williams “dumber than hell” and Neil Cavuto “garbage.” And Dale missed the tweet where Trump praised Harris Faulkner for her response to Biden’s “you ain’t black” comment … almost as if race wasn’t what Trump has against journalists:

So is it OK to call white journalists dumb? Or course not; it’s a dangerous time for CNN’s Jim Acosta, as we all know.

The point is deflecting from Biden’s racism.

Enough said.

What about the time Biden called his former boss “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”? We could do this all day.

It’s the media’s job. Plus this might be the closest CNN gets to covering Biden’s remark.