Tom Nichols, obviously safely broadcasting from his home, weighed in on stay-at-home protesters on PBS’s “Amanpour and Company,” saying they, unlike mature people, have a childlike understanding of what freedom means in a democracy. Apparently they’re not protesting because they’ve been out of work for two months with no end in sight and they don’t live in coronavirus hotspots but are still locked down in their homes. They’re just doing things that are bad for themselves just because they can.

Of course, to an expert like Nichols, people protesting to reopen their small businesses or take a walk on the beach seem like ignorant children.

That’s another thing people working from home don’t seem to understand: The entire nation is being treated as if it had New York City’s COVID-19 numbers.

Why can’t everyone just stay inside until there’s a vaccine, even if it takes years to develop? Just stay locked down and scared until you’re told otherwise.


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