As Twitchy reported last week, Facebook had announced the 20 members of its new oversight board who would “make final and binding decisions on whether specific content should be allowed or removed from Facebook and Instagram.” Mark Dice did a little digging and found a lot of anti-Trump messages from board members, not to mention one of them was law professor Pamela Karan, who testified during the impeachment hearings and made that awful “joke” about the president’s son, Barron.

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan has a piece out Thursday arguing that Facebook needs some “serious regulation,” not some high-priced oversight board. Why? First off, she seems upset because “conventional wisdom now holds that without Facebook’s help spreading misinformation, Trump probably would not be in office.” OK. Second, because she claims Facebook has a huge truth problem.

Jeryl Bier did some investigating and found that the Washington Post — gasp! — has a truth problem of its own:

We don’t trust the SPLC in the first place, but apparently the Washington Post does, even after the SPLC admits it was taken in by fake news.


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