As someone mentions in the comments on this video, people in Canada are on edge as the country just had its biggest mass shooting in April with 22 people dead. Not to sound cold, but you probably didn’t hear much about it in the American mainstream media — Canada’s not supposed to have mass shootings; that’s an American thing.

How on edge? Check out this video of a girl dressed as a stormtrooper and carrying a “blaster” on Star Wars Day — May the Fourth — being taken down by police in Lethbridge, Alberta, as she tried to drum up business for a cafe. (Language warning)

Lethbridge News Now reports:

The female employee arrived for work at 10:00 am on Monday, May 4, and went out in full costume around 20 minutes later.

[Restaurant owner Bradley Whalen] believes that some members of the public must have seen her brandishing a plastic toy blaster believing it was a real gun and phoned police. Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) Inspector Jason Walper says they got two 911 calls regarding a firearms complaint near the business on 13 Street North.

“Police officers had guns drawn, pointed at my employee. They were yelling at her to put the gun down so she threw the plastic gun on the ground. At that point in time when I came out, she was on her knees kneeling down on the ground. The police had already checked and seen that the gun was plastic so they already knew that there wasn’t an issue or a risk there.”

“The employee was arrested and placed into a police vehicle, but was released at the scene. No charges against her were filed,” reports Lethbridge News Now, although her nose was bloodied on the concrete.