How long will it take for unemployment to reach pre-COVID-19 levels? Well, first, we’d have to reopen the country, and there are plenty saying it wouldn’t be safe to do so until we have a coronavirus vaccine, which could take over a year to produce. Those businesses still standing after that long should be able to rehire staffers, but a lot of employers will have closed down for good.

So it’s a gamble to pass a bill that would pay Americans over 16 $2,000 a month until unemployment reaches the level it was at before the coronavirus crisis, but Reps. Tim Ryan and Ro Khanna think that’s the way to go.

That’s assuming you get $500 per kid, and all the kids are under 16, right? Or else they’d be eligible for the $2,000 payment? We haven’t read the bill, but we have questions.

And it still won’t be enough for the former baristas living in cities with ridiculously high rents like San Francisco, unless of course there’s a complementary bill barring evictions until we reach former unemployment levels.

Not to mention that many Americans (most, we’d assume) want to get out of the house and back to their job. People want to work.