We already have President Trump accused of involuntary manslaughter for telling that Arizona woman to poison her husband with fish-tank cleaner, but Joe Biden fangirl and Washington Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin thinks Biden really needs to run with that angle if he wants to win in November. He has to accuse Trump of being willing to kill people — perhaps hundreds of thousands of people.

Honestly, they keep paying her to write this stuff when it’s obvious she’s totally succumbed to TDS and just lost it. (And just as an aside, could she update her Twitter avatar from the photo of her smiling? When’s the last time she smiled? OK, maybe when Biden rolled Bernie on Super Tuesday 2.)

It’s already telling that they’re trying to sell him by putting together make-believe cabinets for him to generate “excitement.”

It really is kind of a shame that she lost Comfortably Smug’s Partisan Hack bracket to Brian Stelter. She worked hard for it.

Here he is:

It must mean something that so very many people are advising Rubin to seek help. For real.