As Twitchy reported earlier, the Trump campaign put out a blistering video tying Joe Biden to China with clip after clip of Biden downplaying any threat China could pose to the United States.

Politico’s Alex Thompson deduced that the ad was more of President Trump trying to make the COVID-19 crisis “all about China,” which the mainstream media, in sync with the Chinese Communist Party, are trying their hardest to prevent.

Andrew Clark, rapid response director for the Trump campaign, cited Politico calling Trump’s travel ban an “aggressive response.”

Who should pop up but Andrew Bates, the Biden campaign’s rapid response director.

That Bloomberg link leads to this bit of hair-splitting:

“I made a decision to close off to China,” Trump said on the program Tuesday. “That was weeks early, and honestly I took a lot of heat. Sleepy Joe Biden said it’s xenophobic, I don’t know if he knows what that means but that’s OK. He said it’s racist what I did.”

Trump’s Jan. 31 order restricted travel from China, routing planes to at first seven and then 11 U.S. airports where passengers underwent enhanced health screening. And Biden never specifically called the restrictions xenophobic or racist, though he has said it is racist for Trump to call the disease the “Chinese virus” and said Jan. 31 that Trump has a “record of hysteria and xenophobia — hysterical xenophobia — and fear-mongering.”

So on the same day Trump announced the travel ban from China, Biden brought up Trump’s “record of hysteria and xenophobia” — but he could have been talking about anything.

Here’s the director of strategic response for Trump 2020 hopping in with the video:

Back to Bates:

So according to Bloomberg, there’s no record of Biden criticizing the decision to cut off travel:

So according to one writer for Bloomberg, you can’t “specifically” tie any of Biden’s statements to Trump’s travel bans — not even his own tweet criticizing their effectiveness.

So what does Biden have to say about the travel ban today? Would he agree that it worked and admit that Trump was right? Or would he still oppose it and have our borders open?