All day — all week, actually — we’ve been hearing from journalists complaining that the cable and broadcast networks are carrying President Trump’s coronavirus briefings live. What they’re really afraid of is that the country approves of the job that he’s doing, though they pretend their fear is that he’s putting false information out there, and maybe even trying to inject a little optimism during a time of crisis.

So what does the media do when they have the president in front of them every single day? They ask him questions like how many deaths are acceptable to get the economy running again:

And for what it’s worth, it’s answers like that one that are why the president’s approval rating is up, and it’s questions like that that make the public distrust the mainstream media. And it’s no surprise that reporters who are assured of their jobs even after asking stupid questions like that one don’t seem to understand that other Americans can’t self-isolate in their homes forever without work.

No doubt.

And they think they’re doing us a favor by showing up and asking questions like this instead of cutting away to their panel of “experts” to analyze the president’s performance.


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