Social media, and especially Twitter, is particularly powerful in taking quotes out of context and giving them an eternal shelf-life. Joe Biden’s initial video announcing his run for president contained the Charlottesville hoax — that President Trump had called the white supremacists in Charlottesville “very fine people” — and he just did the same thing in a video released this week.

As anybody who watched the video of Trump’s rally in context knows, he was saying that Democrats and the media blaming him for botching the coronavirus response would be the next hoax intended to take him down, following the Russian collusion hoax and the idea that he bribed and extorted the president of Ukraine by withholding aid.

Amber Phillips, a reporter who writes for the Washington Post’s The Fix, is among those still claiming that Trump called COVID-19 a hoax.

The Washington Post’s fact-checker had already granted Biden four Pinocchios for manipulating video to perpetuate the “hoax” myth:

The media certainly seemed too busy in January covering the impeachment trial to pay any attention to the coronavirus, even while the CDC was springing into action and the president assembling a coronavirus task force.

She won’t and insist to herself that she’s right.

* * *

Holy hell … she did admit she was wrong and deleted the tweet.


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