You know how it’s always important to read past the headline? That’s especially important when dealing with CNN, whose tweet about Navy hospital ships being deployed to help with the coronavirus epidemic suggested they might as well not bother:

The lead paragraph of CNN’s story also paints a pretty bleak picture: “Defense Secretary Mark Esper made clear to CNN that two Navy hospital ships being deployed to help respond to the coronavirus outbreak will not treat patients suffering from the virus and will take weeks to deploy.”

That’s because they’re not being deployed to help treat coronavirus patients.

Alyssa Farah is the Pentagon press secretary:

Looks like CNN gave it another shot:

CNN’s story reads: “The Comfort, which is on the East Coast, should be ready in a couple weeks — plus, the Mercy, which is on the West Coast, should be ready in a week and a half, two weeks, definitely before the end of this month the Mercy will deploy,” Esper told CNN’s Jake Tapper Wednesday.

But at least that first tweet gave more fuel to the narrative that the Trump administration botched the response to the coronavirus threat.