Hillary Clinton was a guest on “Fareed Zakaria GPS” for International Women’s Day and explained that even in advanced economies like Japan, women in the workplace are viewed as “an oddity.” As evidence, she cited the expectation in Japan that women wear heels in the office; she also brought up some scenario where women aren’t allowed to wear glasses to work and apparently are required to wear contact lenses.

And to be fair, Japan holds men to some very high standards when it comes to looking professional in the office. Has she seen any statistics on suicides among working-age men in Japan? They don’t play around over there.

Funny, too, that to Clinton the worst examples on earth for women are countries where they’re “marginalized,” not forced to wear the burqua or undergo female genital mutilation.

She’s talking about women not being allowed to wear glasses in the workplace.


She has to do something to bide her time while waiting on Joe Biden to pick his running mate.