Full disclosure: This editor’s best friend posted a plea on Facebook this morning asking everyone to vote for Elizabeth Warren on Super Tuesday and forget all the “no path to victory” talk. (I knew him when he was a conservative and a gun collector, so….)

What he didn’t include was an illustration of Warren in magical war machine armor giving a thumbs-up to her supporters, which still wouldn’t have sealed the deal, but would have made for a better laugh.

Myke Cole is a fantasy author, and illustrator Lauren K. Cannon decided to take Warren out of her warpaint and plop her into some devil-slayer armor.

We blame ourselves — we’ve posted “READ ANOTHER BOOK!” so many times, and it looks like someone did.

We admit we haven’t read the books, but apparently there’s a good reason her head looks so small:


Well put.

Better keep it around through Super Tuesday to inspire the troops. Anything at this point.