Bernie Sanders supporters, aka Bernie Bros, don’t have much left to lose of their reputation, but now Politico is reporting that “Berners” are showing up at the homes of Democratic Party officials and lawmakers with bullhorns to ensure there are no “shenanigans” this time around.

Alex Thompson and Holly Otterbein report:

The night before the Nevada caucuses, the chairman of the state’s Democratic Party called police after several supporters of Bernie Sanders gathered outside his home at 11 p.m. with a bullhorn to issue a warning about the next day’s election.

William McCurdy, the Nevada party chair and a member of the state Assembly, confronted Estrada and the other Sanders supporters outside his home nearly an hour after they arrived. He told them they had “crossed a line.”

[Maria] Estrada shot back: “If any bullshit happens tomorrow the only person who crossed the line is you.” McCurdy called the police to report the disturbance but Estrada and the others were gone by the time the authorities arrived and the matter was closed, according to the North Las Vegas police department.

Berners have also targeted the homes of California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and state Democratic Party Chairman Rusty Hicks.

Like that one Sanders staffer said on undercover video, the campaign attracts a lot of “truly radical people.”

Don’t worry about Sanders’ supporters; there are plenty of them in the comments excusing this behavior or claiming Michael Bloomberg is paying people to do it.


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