The thing people on the Left have to realize by now is that President Trump is an exceptional Twitter troll, which delights his supporters because finally, we have a Republican who gives as good as he gets. Trump’s also a pretty funny guy, but that doesn’t keep people like Brian Stelter analyzing the typos in his tweets for coded messages.

A couple of weeks ago, President Trump tweeted that “Mini Mike” Bloomberg, making his debut at the Democratic debates, was negotiating to have a box to stand on.

He continued the riff in an interview with Sean Hannity, where he said it wasn’t fair to the other Democrats who didn’t get boxes to stand on.

Because his opponents and the media always take the bait, we now have Bloomberg campaign officials confirming to NBC News that, no, Bloomberg will not be standing on a box Wednesday night.

The debates versus whomever the Democratic party puts up are going to be so much fun.