The KKK had announced that it was going to hold a rally in Portland February 8, but three hours before it was set to kick-off, it was canceled. That left a whole lot of “individuals wearing all black” and armed with baseball bats and pepper spray with a thirst for violence and nowhere to direct it — so why not the cops and journalists with cameras?

Criminal activity will not be tolerated? Is there a new mayor in Portland, or is it still Ted Wheeler?

Hmm … wearing all black, exhibiting aggressive behavior, throwing projectiles, and pepper-spraying others, even though no one from the Klan actually showed up. Who could it be?

Did Andy Ngo just say Antifa rally?

They couldn’t just turn around and go home to their parents’ basements; they had to chuck projectiles at the cops.

* * *


We’re not sure if this is Portland, but this guy they’re intimidating doesn’t look like a Klan member or a Nazi — he just has a video camera.